Full Cream Milk Powder


Practical Uses of Full Cream Milk Powder in Your Kitchen

Most likely, the first thing that you think of when you hear the term “milk powder” is that it is practical for flavouring hot drinks when liquid milk is not available. While that is one benefit of full cream milk powder, this product is much more versatile.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Full Cream Milk Powder

Let’s correct a general misconception: whitener and milk powder are not the same thing.

• Milk whitener is prepared by removing the moisture from cow's milk. Milk powder is prepared by spray drying the contents of milk until it is dry.

• Usually, whitener is skimmed milk with added sugar or corn syrup. It contains less proteins and nutrients. Nothing is added to powdered milk; it is essentially fresh whole milk without water, and it contains the same amount of protein and nutrients.

• The main reason consumers use whitener in hot drinks is because it dissolves quickly. Milk powder needs more time before it completely dissolves.

When following our tips, instead of reaching for the whitener, opt for full cream milk powder.

Little-Known Facts about Powder Milk (Full Cream)

Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and any other Australian MasterChef mentor may have a packet of powder milk (full cream) hidden somewhere in their pantry. The pros know that it is just as much of a kitchen staple as vegemite. A few reasons why:

• Baking becomes a lot easier. When you bake sweet rolls, you always put milk in the dough to make the breadcrumbs tender and soft. However, this addition increases the risk of the dough turning sour when you leave it to rise in a warm place. For successful pastry, replace the milk in the recipe with the same amount of water and the appropriate amount of milk powder. Also add a little milk powder to other doughs. The heat of the oven will cause it to caramelise, which gives your pastry a nice brown colour.

• For extra creaminess and a smooth consistency, put a scoop of milk powder in your homemade yoghurt before putting it into the yoghurt machine. Sauces also become thicker and creamier if you stir in a little milk powder at the end. Be careful if you also use a sauce binder, as you may need a little less of it.

• Powdered milk is practical if you often go camping or travel in a mobile home as it takes up much less space than bottled milk. Make a simple thirst-quencher by mixing powdered milk with water. You can add a spoonful of chocolate milk to make it a truly tasty treat. An outdoor pancake party is much easier when you add powdered milk to the pancake mix. All you must do is add water and possibly eggs, and you’re set.

Why Trust Ozi Choice as Your Full Cream Milk Powder Supplier?

At Ozi Choice, we produce an Aussie product from Australian cows in Australian meadows. We do not sell milk whitener: our products include UHT milk, milky bites, and full cream milk powder from Australia.

For more information about Ozi Choice milk powder or our other products, feel free to contact us. As a transparent company, we readily supply all the data that you require about allergens, nutritional value, and other concerns.

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