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Company Profile

We provide Pure, Fresh and Natural Dairy Products From the clean unique and green farms of Gippsland with the fastest logistics team to China. Our family has been in the farming for many generations so we have expert knowledge on farming culture. Our Nutritionist team enable only the highest and purest quality products that are only sourced from select dairies of the highest quality in Gippsland allowing full control of only the freshest Dairy Products. Our experienced Nutritionists scientifically blend nutritional vitamins into our products to specifically target the energy level of each age category.


The Ozi Choice Story

Ozi Choice is an Australian health and wellness brand, providing the public with nutritious products that are easy to integrate into daily life.

Our company philosophy – health is wealth – guides our goals and actions as we continue to grow into one of Australia’s leading health product providers.

Over the past decade, we have perfected a variety of our premium blends, which includes milk powders, nutritional supplements, and a range of convenient food products, all 100% made in Australia.

Australia’s natural resources play a huge part in what we do. You will often find our team enjoying the lavish green grasslands, fresh clean water and stunning blue skies that surround us as we create delicious, nutritious and high quality products for you and your family.

"Farming in Ozi Choice’s family goes back to the days of the Horse-and-Buggy Era. With ancestors and ancestors before them now at 5 generations, our family has the knowledge of farming and is still to this day living on a farm in Gippsland Australia, home of Australia’s freshest greenest, lushest and most well renown farms which is the Australian dairy capital. With a passion of farming, dairy and health, Ozi Choice was created to provide the public with nutritional dairy products to integrate in your everyday lives."           

Damian Gauci - current generation farmer, Nutritionist and founder of Ozi Choice.

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