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Our Farmers at Ozi Choice



Ozi Choice milk products are made by a community of dairy farmers who live and work in the lush green pastures of Victoria – home of Australia’s biggest and most reliable dairy region. With its mild climate, regular rainfall and fertile soils, it’s the perfect environment for first-class dairy production.

Our farmers are dedicated, hard workers who love being outdoors and sharing the fruits of their labour with the public. They typically get up around 5am and spend the full day doing everything from milking to repairing equipment. They do this day in and day out, to bring you the most delicious, nutritious and high quality dairy products.

Most of our farmers have 250-300 cows each, many of which are Holstein Freeson cows, a breed that is used for 60% of commercial milking in Australia. Some of our farmers also have other breeds including Jersey cows and red breeds which are similarly known for producing great tasting, premium milk.

Our trusted network of dairy farmers follow extremely strict hygiene, safety and quality protocols, and use modern, innovative technologies as they look after their animals and the environment.

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